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Where kids, ages 5 and older, have unique experiences and learn through fun and adventure

Vamonoos reinvents kids camp and aftercare fun with its mobile STEM and bilingual camps, whisking kids off to new adventures each day, with safety and learning at the heart of every journey.

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Epic kids camp programs your children will love

Join Vamonoos throughout the year for new adventures and STEM discovery in our kids camps and aftercare. Our adventures make learning thrilling, going beyond traditional classroom limits. With Vamonoos, each day is an unforgettable experience.

Spanish Primary Kids Camp Programs

Bilingual adventures at Vamonoos' kids camps and after-care

Vamonoos offers bilingual kids camp programs with enriching and exciting STEM activities. Perfect for busy parents, we have camp options for whenever your child is off from school; with the convenience of easy pick-up and drop-off locations, either at home or communal locations. Vamonoos strives to provide programs filled with learning and fun, tailored to your family's needs.
Fun STEM Mobile Summer Camp
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Unlocking the wonders of our imagination and interactive learning with the Vamonoos kids camp experience

Daily Field Trips

In our programs, children enjoy new experiences and environments on a daily basis. We strive to take our campers to locations that stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Given we are a mobile program, we always have backup fieldtrip locations in case there is inclement weather.


Our camps and after-care are Spanish dominant programs. However, if your child is not fluent in Spanish, don't worry… we will ensure that all campers feel included and understand the activities.
Kids Camp STEM Concepts

STEM Accredited

Vamonoos is accredited through and has counselors trained in the STEM curriculum. Although our main priorities are safety and fun, we try to include STEM topics as much as possible. Some topics we may explore are:

- The Science of Flight
- Renewable Energy Exploration
- Geology and Earth Sciences

Mobile Classroom

Our mobile classroom enhances the learning experience in ways traditional classroom can't. Our mobile classroom grants us the freedom and flexibility to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment... where ever we go.

Our campers have access to a bathroom, AC, heat, and WIFI... all powered by solar energy.
Pickup Dropoff

Easy Pick-up and Drop-off

We identify communal pick-up and drop-off locations as close and convenient to the families' homes as possible. Additionally, Vamonoos provides families with the option to have their campers be picked up and/or dropped off directly from home.

GPS Location

At Vamonoos, our goal is to have fun, but safety is our number one priority. Because our programs are constantly on the move, we have implemented numerous practices to be as safe as possible. One of these is that GPS coordinates are provided to families in real time, so families know where their camper is at all times.
Small Groups

Small Group Sizes

Having a smaller number of children per group allows our counselors to have better control over safety measures. Additionally, campers are able to receive individual attention they deserve.

Group sizes are limited to the amount of children who can safely fit in our modes of transportation. At most, we will have a 9 : 1 child to adult ratio.

Unique Experience

We believe that a child's curiosity for different subject areas grows when exposed to unique learning experiences. Because of this, we try to go the extra mile when planning our field trips by gaining access to exclusive areas or working with subject matter experts to provide additional insight to the children. We may go behind the scenes at the aquarium or speak to a local farmer... our options are endless.

Let's Have Fun!!!

Our main goal is to have fun, but our priorities are focused on safety and the attention given to our campers and families.

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